The Green Toothpaste Revolution: Revolutionizing the Toothpaste Industry with a Groundbreaking New Formula

2020-10-13 16:20 출처: O’right

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 10월 13일 -- Japan’s Good Design Award is ranked among the four major design awards in the world, attracting thousands of designs from around the globe to compete for the prize. This year, green beauty brand O’right stood out from competitors with its revolutionary green innovation: O’right Toothpaste N° Zero. The green beauty pioneer was selected as the Good Design Best 100 and received high praise from the jury, who commented: We highly applaud O’right for their contributions to creating a zero carbon world through their operations, non-toxic ingredients and product recycling. The company and their team of dedicated staff are fully committed to offering green lifestyle solutions that are good for people and for earth. This is the goal everyone strives to achieve. It is challenging, but O’right did it. They made it possible and that what makes them such an extraordinary brand.

Making history with a revolutionary breakthrough

Having traveled to countless places around the world, founder of O’right, Steven Ko was left dumbfounded by the lack of improvement in toothpaste formulas and even more astounded to find chemicals that are not supposed to exist in toothpaste. This inspired O’right to create an innovative green formula, which took three years to fully come into fruition. Free from non-petroleum-based ingredients, the never-seen-before green design was developed with the aim to achieve zero carbon and zero impact. Revolutionary in every respect, O’right Toothpaste N° Zero received wide acclaim from the Good Design Award and was selected as the Good Design Best 100, paving the way to a sustainable lifestyle and a greener tomorrow.

Paving the way for a green revolution

As if climate change is not enough of a crisis, the Coronavirus pandemic came and shook the world. O’right believes that every being on earth has the responsibility to take action on the most pressing challenges in the world today. Always at the forefront of sustainability and the driver of innovation in green beauty, the sustainable trailblazer paves the way for a green revolution that encompasses breakthroughs beyond its comfort zone and unleashes limitless potentiality. O’right Toothpaste N° Zero is one of the brand’s latest game-changing innovations in its growing Green Lifestyle line to be introduced to the world in hopes of inspiring more people to live healthier and live greener.

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